Optimass in English

logotyp_webb_170bIn the Optimass project, tools and solutions are developed in order to contribute to a more effective soil and rock material handling in the built environment. The overall purpose is to promote reduced costs, optimize transports and to develop Swedish knowledge and environmental engineering.

The issue is by no means unique and there is a lot of knowledge in the industry today, but at the same time there is a lot to improve. In the Optimass project the focus is 1) Sorting and control, 2) Material use, classification and modification, and 3) Public and private material management. Additionally, the Optimass project are establishing a 4) National platform and an international cooperation unit.

Whats unique about the Optimass project is the implementation. In the academic parts scholars are investigating strategical issues and in a number of applied subprojects knowledge are being carried out and disseminated. The project is managed by a management board for which it is central to include Swedish key actors to participate and to develop knowledge and practice in the project. Therefore, it is possible to become project partner during the entire project period.